A. Joseph Layon, MD, FACP

Professor of Anesthesiology The University of Central Florida, College of Medicine Orlando, FL Intensivist – ICC/HCA Ocala, FL

Joseph Layon, MD is an intensive care physician. Trained at Grossmont College, the University of California, San Diego and UC, Davis, and specializing in internal medicine, anesthesiology, critical care and neurocritical care, he has functioned as a clinician, educator, investigator, division and department chair, Faculty Senate Chairman, Medical School Financial “fixer”, internationalist and – in what was the most difficult and painful task of all of these – as an (inadvertent) whistleblower in a compromised health system. 

Present at the beginning of the three major pandemics of our era – HIV/AIDS, Ebola, and SARS-CoV-2, he presently cares for ill fellow humans with these and other critical illnesses, writes, reads, rows, and remains an activist in the struggle to make our country and world livable, and just, for all.


Dr. Layon’s book was a helpful and comforting resource when our family member was sent to hospice.

    T.C. Philadelphia, PA

    Dr. Layon’s book is a thoughtful and deeply heart-felt reflection on medicine from the vantage point of end-of-life care by a physician who knows well contemporary medicine’s successes as well as problems.

      Robert D’Amico, PhD

      Emeritus Professor of Philosophy - University of Florida

      A PEOPLE’S GUIDE TO THE END OF LIFE focuses on the realities of dying. It provides clear understanding and realistic expectations to those confronting death and immersed in a bewildering healthcare system who feel confused and misled. A must read for caregivers, healthcare professionals and families.

        P.B. Langevin, MD